Dr. Brad Giannotti Reunites with Ugandan Patient

COUDERSPORT, PA – Over five years ago, Rev. Fred Muyimbwa could not even lift his arm to write after being struck on his bike by a vehicle in Gulu, Uganda.  For two years, the 45-year old pastor from Uganda struggled to continue ministering to his people with a broken arm.

Bob Schooley, a minister of the United Methodist Church in Friendship, NY came to know Fred during one of his mission trips to Gulu. Schooley’s wife, a physical therapist, showed Charles Cole Memorial Hospital’s board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bradley Giannotti photos of Fred which displayed his injury.

Dr. Giannotti performed a two-hour surgery on Fred and he fully recovered after rehabilitation and therapy by the Champion Orthopedics and Sports Medicine team.

Several years have passed since Fred’s return to his country and the continuation of his missionary work including construction of an orphanage for children that lost parents in the war. However on October 25, 2011, Fred made a 7,000-mile trip to pay a special visit to thank his friends again at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital, especially Dr. Giannotti.

Fred expressed his gratitude for everyone’s support in the community. “It was a real miracle,” Fred said. 

The Champion Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital team has health centers in Coudersport, PA and Olean, NY. For over 10 years they have provided care for orthopedics, sports injuries, work-related injuries, in addition to conducting joint replacements, spinal procedures, arthroscopic surgeries, physical medicine and rehabilitation.  For more information, visit www.charlescolehospital.com .

Editor’s Note: This article was published in an untimely manner, and we do apologize. The article should have appeared several days ago.

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