Drilling Opponents Protest Tom Corbett at Black-Tie Event in New York City

Tie-clad protesters chant ‘No Fracking Way’

The Huffington Post

Since 1899, the Pennsylvania Society, has held its annual weekend retreat in New York City — and this past weekend, they feted newly elected Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett with three days of black tie dinners, cozy cocktail receptions, and posh luncheons at the Waldorf Astoria on New York’s Park Avenue. According to Wikipedia, the event features “political networking and fundraising,” and in recent years “receptions hosted by lobbyists, political committees, and corporations,” with its image a “stereotypical “smoke-filled room” where lobby groups gain access to government officials, a few of whom have been known to use taxpayer funds to pay their way to New York.”

Usually this event passes un-noticed by most New York residents, but this time New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians came out in force (and in evening dress) to protest the gathering, at which the Energy Association and the Marcellus Shale Coalition hosted after-parties.

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