Drug Arrests in Shinglehouse

Three unidentified individuals have been arrested as part of a cooperative effort between Coudersport, Sweden Valley and Shinglehouse police departments.

According to a statement issued by Sweden Township Police, the joint undercover operation resulted in three arrests in the Borough of Shinglehouse.

Charges are expected to be filed in District Judge Barbara Easton’s courtroom.

An update to this article will be provided once more information is available.

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  1. Annonymous says:

    I bet I know a few more people in Shinglehouse that should get caught…guess we shall wait and see who was arrested…maybe the people that I know are the ones that got cught..glad that they are getting these people off the streets…sad that these days people sit around and do drugs and they are probably the same people living off the system too. I think that the welfare office would be interested to know that they give these people medical coverage and everything and yet they still have money to buy their drugs…interesting

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