EPA Issues Subpoena After Halliburton Refuses to List Gas Drilling Chemicals

EPA subpoenas energy giant to provide details for ‘fracking’ study


WASHINGTON — Already on the hot seat over its role in the Gulf oil spill, Halliburton refused to list the chemicals used in a natural gas drilling technique and, as a result, the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday subpoenaed the energy services giant to provide those details.

The EPA said it issued the subpoena after Texas-based Halliburton refused to voluntarily disclose the chemicals used in the controversial drilling practice known as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.” Halliburton was the only one of nine major energy companies that refused the request, the EPA said.

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  1. dianne carry says:

    it is a start – only a start – until they are brought up on charges of treason for their involvement in the gulf disaster and any other deals that involved bribes fixed bids – cruel and inhuman treatment – the deal is not done – it has only begun.

    we are watching -we are awaking and not happy not one single bit – but it is a start and if it is seen thru we might just maybe be quiet – maybe.

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