EPA says Parker County Homes at Risk of Explosion after Aquifer Near ‘Fracked’ Gas Wells is Contaminated

By RANDY LEE LOFTIS / The Dallas Morning News

Natural gas from drilling that used the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing has contaminated a drinking-water aquifer in Parker County, putting two homes at risk of explosion and triggering a federal emergency order, the Environmental Protection Agency’sregional chief said late this afternoon.

The EPA ordered Fort-Worth based Range Production Co. to take steps to protect the families and water supplies after the Texas Railroad Commission, which regulates natural-gas drilling, failed to act, EPA Regional Administrator Al Amendariz said.

Railroad Commission officials “acknowledge that there is natural gas in the drinking water wells,” Armendariz said. “They want more data and believe that action now is premature. I believe I’ve got two people whose houses could explode. So we’ve got to move.”

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