Facebook Suit will Remain in Buffalo

BUFFALO – A lawsuit brought against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg by Wellville resident Paul Ceglia will remain in a Buffalo federal court, despite requests by Ceglia’s legal team to have the case moved to Allegany County.

Ceglia requested the case be moved to Allegany County under the premise that Zuckerberg is a legal New York State resident, but Zuckerberg’s defense denied such, claiming that Zuckerberg is in fact a California resident.

Federal Judge Ricahrd Arcara agreed with Zuckerberg in a 7-page ruling, stating the 26-year-old New York State native is indeed a California resident.

Ceglia is suing Zuckerberg for 84% ownership of Facebook.

Ceglia claims he gave Zuckerberg $1,000 in 2003 and entered into a contract with him to start what is now Facebook.com.

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