Feds Suing Arizona over Immigration Law

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration, which was recently criticized for refusing to prosecute members of the Black Panther Party because of race, has now decided to take action against Arizona’s new Immigration Law.

Arizona law enforcement officials and policymakers have spent years addressing the ever increasing burden of illegal immigration, with little help from the federal government. Now, the federal government, who will not enforce their own laws regarding illegal immigration has decided to strip Arizona of what little ability they have to combat the problem.

Some are saying it is yet another racially inspired move on Obama’s part, just as his refusal to prosecute members of the Black Panther Party was.

The federal lawsuit will allege that Arizona’s new measure requiring state and local police to question and possibly arrest illegal immigrants during the enforcement of other laws, like traffic stops, overrides federal law.

Note: Serious questions are being raised about the bias of the Obama administration, which previously removed an endorsement from an Obama website for the Black Panther Party. I mean seriously, could you imagine if George Bush would have endorsed the KKK on his website?

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