Feds Take New Look at Gas Drilling

EPA to meet again on issue of ‘fracking’ process

HARRISBURG – The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to meet for the third time on the issue of hydraulic fracturing. This time the meeting will take place in Canonsburg, PA.

The process of ‘fracking’ is currently exempt from Federal regulations.

The gas industry argues that their ‘fracking’ processes have been safe for years, and should not require oversight, despite recent explosions and accidents that received national attention. They also argue that ‘fracking’ is a needed process for America to remain energy independent.

Opponents however say that the process could pollute above and below ground water supplies, could deplete needed aquifers, and would destroy natural habitats.

Geologists believe the natural gas locked beneath the Marcellus Shale could possibly supply the entire east coast for some 50 years. Others say it is only a matter of time before the world runs out of natural gas and oil, and that humans should be using these resources to develop and build a future energy system that does not rely on limited resources.

Whether or not the EPA does eventually step in and regulate the gas industry may not matter. It may already be too late.

99% of Scientists agree that global warming is real and man-made, but only 40% of non-scientists concur. Scientists also believe that we as human beings have but five years to do something about the effects of global warming before it’s too late to do anything at all.

Big Corporations such as Koch Industries have implemented propaganda machines to discredit the reality of global warming, and with much success. 60% of people in the world are unsure if global warming is real, even as temperatures reach record highs around the world, and Artic ice-shelves continue to melt away at incredible speeds.

Koch Industries alone can be traced back to at least 40 ‘non-profit’ organizations whose sole purpose is to discredit global warming.

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