Following Too Closely Results in Crash

Investigator Aaron Messner reports on a crash which took place on 4-25-12 at 758 hours on State Highway 287 1739 feet south of a driveway.  Tanya Montesfusco, 36, of Middlebury Center was driving her 2008 Nissan Pathfinder south in the southbound lane of SR287 behind Howard Kindaid, 60, of Middlebury Center, driving his 1998 Chevrolet 1500.  Kincaid came to a stop in the roadway due to a construction vehicle pulling over to set out a construction sign.  Montesfusco failed to stop before striking the rear bumper of the 1500 with the Nissan’s front bumper.  Both operators were wearing safety belts and nobody was injured.  Montesfusco will be cited for VC3310, Following Too Closely.  Assisting on scene was Cooper’s Garage.

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