UPDATED: Former Coudersport-based State Trooper Busted in Online Sex-Sting

MILTON – A former Coudersport-based State Trooper has been arrested on charges that he knowingly sent a nude video of himself to what he believed was a 13-year-old girl.

Trooper Douglas Nick Sversko, age 43, of 216 Lamplight Lane, Lewisburg, PA, was arrested by State Police and agents from the Attorney General’s Child Predator Unit.

Acting Attorney General Bill Ryan said that Sversko, a Pennsylvania State Trooper, used an Internet chat room to approach an undercover agent from the Child Predator Unit who was using the online profile of a teenage girl. After complimenting the agent about her profile photo and acknowledging her age, Sversko allegedly indicated that he was not wearing any clothing, stating, “naked is comfy,” and, “I am not afraid to tell you that I’m naked and attracted to you.”

According to the complaint, Sversko then sent the agent a link to his computer webcam and proceeded to transmit a lengthy video that showed him nude and dancing in front of his computer.  Sversko then asked the “girl” if she enjoyed the video and if she had been sexually aroused.

Ryan said that Sversko is accused of closing the online chat by cautioning the girl to keep their encounter secret, telling her, “Make sure you delete our conversation,” and, “we don’t really want mom to read about this.”

Sversko was taken into custody on February 16th by agents from the Attorney General’s Office, assisted by Pennsylvania State Police.  Ryan said agents also executed a search warrant at Sversko’s home, seizing three computers, a webcam and various data storage devices.  Those items will be analyzed by the Attorney General’s Computer Forensics Unit as part of an ongoing investigation.

Sversko is charged with one count of unlawful contact with a minor (related to obscene or sexual materials and performances) and one count of criminal use of a computer, both third-degree felonies punishable by up to seven years in prison and $15,000 fines.

Sversko was preliminarily arraigned on February 16th before Harrisburg Magisterial District Judge Joseph P. Solomon, who set bail at $100,000.  A preliminary hearing is scheduled for February 23rd, at 9 a.m., before Magisterial District Judge Solomon.

Sversko will be prosecuted in Dauphin County by Deputy Attorney General Christopher J. Jones of the Attorney General’s Child Predator Unit.

Sversko is currently suspended without pay, but was most recently based out of Milton, PA. He has been a member of Troop F since 1993, and has served at the Coudersport, Selinsgrove and Montoursville barracks.

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  1. jeff says:

    now when you call him a pig its true in 2 senses…lol

  2. Timothy Cole says:

    I am sure this officer is innocent. The boys in uniform would never misuse the authority and trust the public puts in them. They would never lie on the stand Mislead and lie to the local news logs and papers, The guards at the local jail would never misuse their authority. Who are we as citizen to Question their conduct. If they do abuse the public trust who are we to question their actions. It is our elected officals job to cover up for them and make it all go away. Thats how we do it in Potter County. These boys are above reproach

  3. Constitution Matters says:

    That comment makes no sense. Charges were brought so what would make you think that this trooper is seen as beyond reproach? What does this have to do with guards at the jail and their authority?

  4. Timothy Cole says:

    he local good old boys had the time of there lifes with an inmate at the county jail when it was brought to the atenntion of elected officals in potter county it was covered up. It is a pattern of local law enforcement and the cozy relationship with elected officals. The local Good old boys are alive and well pulling unetical and possable elegal activities and local officals are covering up. It is an ongoing isse in the county

  5. missy barnett says:

    im wondering if trooper yoder tried to help cover up this mess?he is so busy arresting young men nfor something that they didnt do and got a fellow officer doing the nasty crap right beside them!depends on who it is as what u get in coudy!how about da?

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