Former NY State Trooper to Begin Serving Sentence for Killing Bradford Woman While DUI

1490NewsBlog – WESB

A retired New York State Trooper convicted of killing a Bradford woman while driving drunk will start serving his prison sentence on Wednesday.

David O’Brien of Allegany had been allowed to remain free pending his latest appeal, which has been denied.

He had been sentenced to one to seven years in priosn.

Prosecutors say O’Brien was drunk and driving the wrong way in the 2008 crash that killed Wendy Karnes on Route 219 in Cattaraugus County.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why does this Ex State Trooper only get 1 to 5 years when the article below about a guy shooting another dude in Olean gets 22 years? The woman killed by the State Trooper could have been a mother, and he knows the law first hand, and still took it upon himself to drink and drive? I say Hang him make an example to show other people cops are not above the law..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree, if that woman had been drunk and killed him………. imagine the sentence show would of gotten! The Law is never fair. Some get away with murder while some get a murderers sentence~!

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