Former PA Rep. Mike Veon Gets 6 to 14 Years

Tom Corbett, running for Governor of Pennsylvania, adds another notch to his political campaigning belt with the sentencing of former State Representative Mike Veon to 6-14 years.

Veon was recently convicted of using taxpayer funds for political campaigning in the ‘Bonusgate’ case. He was also ordered to pay $37,000 in fines and $100,000 in restitution.

The irony in the matter is that Tom Corbett himself has been accused during the process of the Bonusgate trial of employing similar corruptive techniques such as leveraging taxpayer dollars for political gain.

Corbett was heavily criticized recently when he subpoenaed Twitter for the personal information regarding two online users that had been highly critical of the Corbett administration during the Bonusgate trials, a move many say was Corbett leveraging his power as Attorney General to intimidate and stifle political critics.

Reactions to Veon sentencing

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