FRACK! The Movie Trailer

Here’s a rich and densely packed movie trailer featuring TV clips and many voices of dissent.

FRACK! The Movie Trailer from David Morris on Vimeo.

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  1. Uh HUM says:

    Nice job of making the truck traffic look like a Nascar race. I know as a driver hauling the frack water that we are held to the stricktest of standards here in NC Pa, Im sure no one compained about the cars doing the same speed through that stretch of highway. I would also like to know what everyone thought would happen with all that extra drilling and extra people. I also think the answer to some of the noise and traffic problems would to get your Municiple area to set limits as to how many drills can be operating or being built at a given time

  2. Marshall says:

    Have you been in Gaines? The trucks have destroyed and I mean literally destroyed those road. Cars have been driving on them for decades without hardly a problem. You say you held to the strictest of standards, yet 3/4 of waste water trucks stopped are cited. I think everyone thought exactly what is happening is what was gonna happen but how do you fight Big Energy? There are plenty of people who would love to shutdown the entire mess completely. What you are suggesting is that we regulate and industry that fights regulation tooth and nail. I believe that is the purpose of videos such as this to let people know what is really happening, so they can do something about it. And as far as I know local municipalities have their hands tied when it comes to regulating this industry.

  3. nidguh says:

    Do people in Texas have water? Are people in Texas alive? They have been drilling in Texas for how long and people are still there and obviously they still have clean water to drink. As far as the truck traffic, yes you have some that are idiots but you also have A LOT of idiot car drivers and people who just wanna complain. People in Gaines complain about their apple trees not growing apples this year supposedly because of the drilling. Well I don’t live near the drilling and guess what, my trees didn’t grow apples either!!! Wow maybe because it was a dry, bug infested summer????? No couldn’t be, it HAS to be those awful drilling rigs!!! (sarcasm for those who couldn’t tell!) On top of all that it is boosting the employment. People in the area are getting good paying jobs and business is coming to small towns like Galeton. Maybe the people that wanna complain should thank the drilling rigs next time they stop to get gas at the Nittany they are putting in. I doubt that they would’ve put that in if not for the increase of people in the area!!!! And for the person that made the video, I could take clips of people talking and make a video as just the opposite!!!

  4. Can't take the mindless anymore says:

    To nidguh. You really need to educate yourself. At what cost do you think this drilling is ok, for a few temp. jobs? I think before you open your mouth and insert your foot, you need to do a little homework on the dangers this drilling posses and the LONG term health hazards it leaves behind.

    It is uneducated people like yourself that has us in the mess we are in with all this drilling. $$ comes and $$ goes, Adelphia is proof of that!

    Instead of posting about issues you have no idea about, why don’t you donate to the Chrismas house? See that lil tree there on the right? Yeh, everyone sees it but will you donate? Nah, did not think so. We will leave the donations up to the other people who are getting rich from all this drilling.

  5. Can't take the mindless anymore says:

    And one more thought for those of you who see $$ and more $$. Hauling frack water and working on those frack rigs will cost you. When your life is cut short from cancer, you won’t have to look to far for the source of your illness. Not to mention the “chemicals” you bring home each day to your family, your bed, your pillow, shower and furniture.

    MYTH: Diluting this “frack” water has little affect on water quality and health

    FACT: This “flow back” water from the “fracking” process is contaminated with hundreds of chemicals, most are cancer causing. (DEP, O&G management MSDS)

    The Marcellus shale formation has elevated radioactive concentrations due to naturally occurring uranium, approximately 25-30 times above background concentrations. Meanwhile, the produced water from these wells can contain 15,000 pCi/L (picoCuries per liter) of radium. The drinking water standard for radium is 5 pCi/L. Most Marcellus shale wells in Pennsylvania send the fluids to wastewater treatment plants to be diluted and dumped into our rivers (Note: there are 14 sites on the Monongahela River alone) They also dispose of the dewatered drill cuttings in various landfills. (Note: cancer rates rose dramatically in communities living near these toxic landfills) Report on Radioactivity in the Marcellus Shale

    MYTH: The chemicals used to ‘frack’ these wells are not harmful

    FACT: 13 men that were stationed at Camp LeJeune, N.C. developed breast cancer years after drinking toxic water on the base. Many other people living there developed various other types of cancer. The SAME chemicals used in ‘fracking’ were present in the water on this base. This same chemically contaminated water is now being dumped in OUR rivers! (benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.)

    “Children of all ages are considerably more vulnerable than adults to increased cancer risk and other adverse effects from virtually all harmful environmental exposures,” the President’s Panel on Cancer report says. May, 2010
    Leukemia is actually very well studied in terms of environmental toxins.

    MYTH: Off-gassing and ‘flaring’, (a component of the Marcellus Shale drilling process) that emits volatile organic compounds into the air, will not pose health risks

    FACT: In the Greater Pittsburgh region, the prevalence of asthma is about 25 percent higher than the national average, yet the use of emergency services by children with asthma is three to four times the national average, underscoring the seriousness of the disorder. Asthma has reached epidemic proportions and is linked to environmental triggers.
    Pediatric Environmental Medicine Center Research, UPMC, Children’s Hospital

    MYTH: Exposing the inherent risks in this type of drilling will drive away jobs, and economic growth for Pennsylvania

    FACT: Costs related to health impacts resulting from contaminated air and water and environmental cleanup will far outweigh any benefits from this industry. Fort Worth Texas is 77 million dollars in debt today, despite thousands of wells drilled there since 2005. (

    MYTH: Marcellus shale drilling operations and leases signed for drilling do not affect property values

    FACT: Banks are not lending against frac-drilled and adjoining properties. A property with a gas or oil lease is not eligible for FHA financing, indicating that the federal government is concerned about property devaluation and consequent loss of their money
    (HUD handbook 4150.2 pg. 2.7)

    According to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, property owners who lease their land for Marcellus Shale drilling may find that they have nullified their mine subsidence insurance coverage.

  6. uh hum says:

    Fact, someone has too much time on thier hands.
    Myth- because i dont think drilling is a ALL BAD, NO GOOD, idea, doesnt mean im Uneducadted.
    Fact, You still defintely have to much time on you hands, should donate a little of too charity. Anyone can donate money, but TIME, now theres something not everyone is so willing to give up.
    Myth- If thers 200 years worth of natural gas under neath us, Then i think its safe to assume there is 200 years worth of employment. Maybe not forthe truck driversw, but hey, tehres always room for more drivers over the road.. And im sure they dont mind the extra family time they get from being home more often.
    Fact- just because you know a few little factoids about frack water, doeant make you educated either!! I have been all over texas and not once did i hear people complaining about Drilling.
    Myth, just because Fort Worth is in debt, doesnt mean there is any money from the drilling, just means people lke taking out loans. I have several, got them all before the Drilling started here.. Guess im just ahead of the curve. Lucky me!!

  7. nidguh says:

    To can’t take mindless anymore…. get a freaking life. I can sit here and copy and paste crap that validates my points as well, but I have better things to do. and what the heck does donating have to do with anything??? I happen to be educated enough to know what is going on and I think it is a great idea!!! Everyone has an opinion and you dont need to go and make people out to be an idiot just because their opinion is different from your’s. Opinions are like you know what’s and everybody has one!!! And as far as temp jobs, the drilling is going to be here for a long time so I don’t think 20 years is very temp!!!

  8. Fed Up says:

    Yup the name says it all I’m Fed up. I don’t see the people that are complaining about all the drilling stopping the use of a couple of Gas items. Have you changed everything over to a different energy source because in the end, the consumer still buys whether it’s in a gas can for your lawn, drive your car, or drilling for natural gas for your stove to cook a weeee bit faster & heat your bum nice ‘n toasty so you can spread your filth all over the internet. Do you own a solar powered car, have an off the grid home and conserve every chance you get for the waste you’re throwing down the garbage dumps every day?

    I see there could have been a few problems when the go from the Texas dry flat lands to PA hills. Different drilling techniques, and I’m sure you might notice the economy picking back up a little due to people having jobs now. People have jobs, people spend money, towns build back up, real estate markets come back alive. Don’t give me that FHA shit. Not everyone goes that route to get a house. If there’s a gas line running through that property and messing up FHA, look somewhere else. People do the same thing when there’s a house in a flood zone like in Austin PA. I also see donations from the big companies because the little guys around here are getting educated to the work available & contract out of PA instead of bring their guys in from Texas. You can not take Bill the Accountant, slap a pair of Carharts on him and expect him to drill a well properly and safely. So the big companies use their own people because there isn’t anyone here that can do the work. Once more people are educated, they will stop sending people across the country to do the work. Yea, it’s so profitable to them to send someone away from their home, pay the costs of living while they are out here plus pay them wages on top of that. Once our people are better educated, there will be more people from here being hired and more people being put to work. Also less accidents happening. It does my heart good to see someone brought from the welfare line to the bank line to cash their check and hold their head high instead of being embarrassed they have to use food stamps or ask the county for assistance. That must be terrible for you to see.

    Remember, you only hear about the bad, you don’t hear about the good. It’s the bad that shit starters grasp onto the most and suck the life out of it bashing it over and over again. Like the traffic the trucks were causing in that video. Did any one else notice that some of those quick shots were done from a moving vehicle? I’m guessing probably not. Of course that pan shot is going to go pretty damned quick. Even if he is doing the speed limit. So don’t you dare bash EVERY truck driver. My step dad is one as well as a few I grew up with and they are a good hard working bunch. The roads were not made for the increased traffic because there was none back then so they were not built up to handle it, no one expected some geologists to say “there’s gas in deme dere hills! Git it!”. No one expected there to be something that large in these areas. So no, Gaines is not prepared to handle the increased traffic. There are parts around Cherry springs that have been crumbling & caving for years. Same with the road from Galeton up to Lyman Run, Route 144 used to be a favorite of mine. Do not sit there spending 90% of your day on the internet looking up the bad if you’ve never even left your house to bitch about the road ways in this glorious state. And if you have ever stepped into the mud as a kid, guess what bubbles will sometimes arise. So don’t give me shit about that one spot leaking how do I know that someone doesn’t have a hose under there? Blubbing air up through on the video. But because it was there it is gospel. And you pick on the local ‘thmarts’? Where are the rest of the leaky spots, Just in case you liked factoids, *cough* Lake Erie is the nastiest lake I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing community service to clean it up. I’ve found everything from dead fish to condoms in it. They had gulls walking around with their head tilted & a Bird flu years back because of the shit Hammermill dumps into that area Where were you then? Right right, not directly effected so your activist skills were really not on high alert. Gotcha. Betcha went to the beach there to swim in it though ‘eh? Because the gross part isn’t what you saw. I’ve never swam in that toilet and I refuse to.

    Now your claim of the Burgh being high with asthma etc. Every city is. You just picked that one because.. no shit it’s smack dab in the middle of the drilling areas. It’s a city sunshine, smog creates problems vs the clean air in say Galeton, Roulette, Port Allegany, Germania, Coudersport, Shinglehouse, Ceres, etc. If you’ve spent quality time in a city living, you’ll see some of the nastiest cars go by puffing their lung healing ways all over the place.

    Now also look at the jobless rate. I see more changes the more people get educated. I see more people willing to look at their life and say I want more, I want better. So they make a change. I do also see more people saying “but in Wyoming they did this 30 years ago” ” in Texas 25 years ago in this little podunk town they did this” Are you kidding me? We live in PENNSYLVANIA Completely different state, climate, AG areas, etc. Technology has come a long way since then. Don’t pull data from 20 years ago and expect it to hold ground. It wont.

    Also please stop dropping other people down the toilet because they do not follow your causes. Cuz up round these parts us stump jumpin retards dunno how to act unless one of y’all tell us to. So stop. Unless you are willing to completely change over you living ways, I’d say you are a drilling supporter to keep yourself comfortable during these cold winter days while these awful people are out drilling to keep your tush warm or because you like your water to boil just a little faster.

    And a few above are right, donate a few dollars for the ones that cant find work or get educated yet. Donate some of your time to help that old person living by themselves to shovel their walkway, mow their grass, or just listen to them talk for an hour or two. Donate to your community and show you give a shit that way, THEN and only then do you get to privileged to complain like you are an actual person of that community. :o) I cant wait to hear the snarky comments back. I actually like reading from the self absorbed. :o) *claps hands*

  9. Anonymous says:

    And we wonder why this Country is in such sad shape.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is news today:

    The concerns about “drilling” for gas is real. Maybe one day some will wake up and see that they are harming our small communities.

  11. Marshall says:

    “Do people in Texas have water? Are people in Texas alive? They have been drilling in Texas for how long and people are still there and obviously they still have clean water to drink. ”

    Are you that ignorant? There are hundreds if not thousands of accounts water contamination in Texas. Not to mention entire families with every illness known to man.

    Wake the hell up.

  12. nidguh says:

    And I’m sure that ALL the contamination is from the drilling rigs. it has nothing to do with anything else???? you wake the hell up. Some day hopefully people will look at the good in what is going on but probably not. They just want a reason to complain. I agree with Fed Up. It is giving people a job. People are able to provide for their families. I have to say I couldn’t agree more with Fed Up. Very well said!!!

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