Galeton Man Accused of Breaking Glass Door at CCMH

COUDERSPORT – A Galeton man has been charged with criminal mischief after he allegedly broke a section of glass in the exterior emergency room door at Charles Cole Hospital.

Police say 19-year-old Joshua Yonkin broke the glass while exiting the building on July 5.

He will be cited via criminal complaint.

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  1. Yonkinjoshua says:

    Fuck you… posting shit about me

  2. guest says:

    Everyone saying how you made a mistake and should be given a chance…your comment below shows that you have no remorse for what you did. 🙁 Thankfully you didn’t injure or kill somebody with your “mistake”. You made a ‘CHOICE’…not a mistake. Hopefully the family that loves you will open their eyes and not continue to support and enable your bad choices.

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