Galeton Students Featured in Art Showcase

Students from Galeton High School have a variety of artwork on display at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital’s Irwin Medical Arts Center as part of the hospital’s Community Art Showcase.

Shiann Snyder and Chris Kirby, advanced painting students at Galeton High School, are two of the featured artists at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

The display includes ceramic mosaics, graphics, photography and paintings by students Mel Graber, Dom Basile, Tyler Beacker, Chris Cizek, Billie Jackson, Rachel Seeley, Shelly Mainus, Logan Smith, Chris Kirby, and Shiann Snyder. Their teacher is Alyson Leach.

The Community Art Showcase features artists for about six to eight weeks. The project has featured Jessie Vaughn, Karen Wolf , Pat Bosworth, Alyson Leach, Leslie Kelley, Suzan Richar, Curt Weinhold, Naomi Keller, Heather Chilson, Lindsey Francis, Maxine Shear, Mercedes Schwartz, Jody Osburn, Elizabeth Coyle, Megan Mesler, Jenna Maxson, Joan Stromberg and Elaine Russell.

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