Gas Checklist Available To Townships, Boroughs


From Potter County Today

A Municipal Checklist has been distributed to townships and boroughs across Potter County to help them deal with a myriad of issues that could arise as the result of natural gas drilling. Planning Director Charlotte Dietrich prepared the checklist, in response to requests from some municipalities that have seen natural gas drilling activity.

The document is not meant to be all-inclusive, in that each township and borough could have special circumstances that would require it to consider local regulation or to turn to other sources for technical or legal guidance. The checklist provides municipalities with estimated timelines for different aspects of a drilling operation. Among ordinances they might consider are those affecting road bonding, hauling and road maintenance, mandatory 9-1-1 addresses and sign standards, holding tanks for sewage, temporary work camp regulations and others.

Townships and boroughs are advised to communicate with gas companies and state regulators on many issues related to drilling. They’re also being asked by the Planning Office to assess the impact of each gas well site on the municipality — in terms of traffic, roads and infrastructure, employment, housing issues, ripple effect on local business, economics, issues involving surface rights owners and contiguous properties, and other areas. (Photo by Curt Weinhold)

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