Gas Company Has Ambitious Plans For Potter County Drilling

Potter County Today

gaswellforest2Officials from one of the gas companies planning to drill into the Marcellus Shale formation held a meet-and-greet session in Potter County this week for emergency service providers and community leaders. Penn Virginia Corporation will be one of the bigger players in the region, with ambitious plans for gas production in townships surrounding Coudersport, including a major lease of state forest land. Penn Virginia submitted the high bid of $13.9 million on 3,640 acres in Eulalia and Roulette townships, north and west of Coudersport. The state will also receive 18 percent of production royalties. During the same round of state forest land leasing, Seneca Resources of Houston, Texas, was high bidder on 7,440 acres between Denton Hill and Fox Hill, offering $23.3 million.

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  1. ME says:

    YAY!! Another raise for Harrisburg ..

  2. michaell zukowski says:

    So all this money goes down state for the Govene junkie just like the timber money. Down state becomes rich and and we get sick.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Too bad none of the money raised in Potter County will stay in Potter County.

  4. Sorry Old Hunter says:

    Goodbye Potter County it was nice knowing you. I’ve seen the destruction, crime, pollution these drillers bring first hand. You are all in for a big surprise up there. I guess I’ll be selling the old hunting cabin and finding a new one in Maine.

  5. Steve Yentzer says:

    GOD’S COUNTRY is soon to become satan’s backyard. Sad to see the greed rape the land that was sooo beautiful.

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