Gas In Couple’s Water After Drilling

Jim Parsons Reports From Hadley, Mercer County

HADLEY, Pa. — Dan and Harriet Reed said a series of problems with their well water started about three years ago, when a Pittsburgh company started drilling natural gas wells around their house.

“I put filters in the line, put a filter in in the morning,” Dan Reed said. “By afternoon, it was full — full of rust and muck. Well, I never had that before.”

For the Reeds, that meant Vista installed a $10,000 chlorine filtration system in their basement. The Reeds say they were satisfied with that until a few weeks ago when they learned their water was combustible.

“I was just rinsing a plate off and I lit the candle, and when I lit the candle, with the water on, it blew up in my face and these doors blew wide open,” Dan Reed said.

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