Gasland Director Josh Fox Slurred by Pennsylvania Energy Official

From the Huffington Post

In an article published in the Lancaster On-Line, Ted Borawski, a geologist who is the Chief of the Minerals Section in the Bureau of Forestry, in the Pennsylvania State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), is quoted making an anti-semitic comment about documentary filmmaker, Josh Fox, whose film, Gasland, has won many awards and was an Oscar nominee for Best Documentary this year.

A one time oil and gas exploration geologist-geophysicist with the Pennzoil Company and Enron Oil companies, in state documents, Borawski recommended state forests and public lands as the “most desirable” locales for drilling and for the long term storage of CO2, (and other gas drilling after products) in underground reservoirs.

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  1. WiZ says:

    Funny this Borawski calling Josh Fox a Nazi and calling Gasland propaganda. Funny because Borawski, a so called government official, is nothing more than another gas industry puppet and mouthpiece spewing lies and rhetoric.

    Borawski should be fired right along with all the other industry puppets in our government.

    Off with you demons. You are the evil that plagues our nation.

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