Gibble Sentenced to 5 Years Probation in Cocaine Trafficking Case

COUDERSPORT – Potter County Judge Stephen Minor on November 9 sentenced Donna L. Gibble, 43, of Genesee, PA to a total of 5 years probation for her role in an a multi-million dollar cocaine trafficking ring which stretched from New Jersey to the streets of Potter County, according to prosecutors.

Gibble was sentenced to 3 years of probation on a first-degree felony conviction of Conspiracy – Manufacture, Delivery, or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver. She was also sentenced to an additional 2 years of probation on charges of perjury, and ordered to pay a total of $4,919.50 in fines and court costs.

Earlier this week, alleged ringleader David Snyder was sentenced to 34 – 68 years in prison on multiple felony counts involving the trafficking of cocaine in this case.

Snyder’s wife, Tara M. Snyder, 30, of Whitesville, NY was scheduled to be sentenced this past Wednesday after pleading guilty to multiple felony charges in the case, but her sentencing date was rescheduled until January.

Sentencing information on three other defendants in the case was not available at the time of this posting.

All defendants were specially prosecuted by Senior Deputy Attorney General Patrick Leonard of the Attorney General’s Drug Strike Force Section.


It’s only right that the law punishes people who sell cocaine, but it should also help a cocaine addict because they are, after all, just victims of the pusher.

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  1. Lynn says:

    PROBATION???? Are you serious? This gets crazier and crazier!!!

  2. If her last name wasn’t Gibble she would get more time, I would think for trafficking a controlled substance you would get at least a couple years in jail. I guess its who you are not what you have done.

  3. coudymomof3 says:

    Really probation!!!! This county is corrupt!!!! You watch a fight and you get 3-12months in jail but you traffic cocaine you get probation wow…Good job potter county let the drug heads back onto the streets for more kids to get caught up in!!!

  4. Cloe says:

    Donna Gibble was the one who had the Snyders kids while they were gone for days. She did not take money orANYTHING. What about the 14 people who testifyed they sold drugs for the Snyders and did not get charged. Well, Mr. Snyder, Donna did do the right thing and all your threats of winding up like Krista and BIG time Jersey drugdealers hurting her or her family are done. ROT in jail Dave your the coward now hah? R.I.P. Krista

  5. Lollypopper07 says:

    I know for a fact she did not deal drugs at all. To all of you poeople who think you have all the facts, you simply do not. People like Dave Snyder prey off the weak and take advantage of anyone. How many peoples life has Mr. Snyder destroyed? “ALOT!”

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