Half a Notion

by Midge Houghtaling

In my last editorial I wrote about a tragic accident in my daughter-in-law’s family. Kristy (my son, Mark’s wife) had called on a Tuesday morning with the news…

Since then folks have stopped me at church or in the grocery store to ask, “What’s going on with DJ?” So, I’ve decided to print an update but just in case there is someone reading this who did not read my last editorial (two weeks ago) let me bring you up to speed:

My daughter-in-law’s brother, a single dad raising his two-year-old son ran out of gas on his way to work. He called a friend, who showed up with a container of gasoline and both men were struck by a car while attempting to fuel the vehicle. The friend sustained only minor injuries; Kristy’s brother was pronounced dead at the scene. He was just 22 years old.

It was a senseless tragedy– even more so when they learned that the driver of the vehicle who hit their son was high on drugs when the accident occurred! The driver has subsequently been charged with Vehicular Homicide and is currently out on bail.

Meanwhile, two-year-old, DJ has been left without a father. He is staying with Nana and Papa who tell him every single day how much they love him. His biological mother, who has shown little to no interest in him since his birth, suddenly emerges on the scene and wants to raise him. DJ’s grandparents believe that her sudden interest could be attributed to the fact that she would be eligible to collect social security if she had custody.

Last week at Wal-Mart when DJ spotted the Mountain Dew display, he pointed and said, “My daddy likes that soda!” He was excited and pleased to share the information. He didn’t understand why his words made Nana cry.

These days there are a lot of things that DJ doesn’t understand. He is asking to go home and wonders why his daddy isn’t coming to pick him up. Nana tells him that he will be staying here for awhile and that daddy is in Heaven.

Meanwhile, DJ grandparents have contacted a lawyer and filed for custody. In light of the biological mother’s conduct for the past two years and also in light of events occurring in the past two weeks, their lawyer believes that they have a very good chance of obtaining permanent custody.

Last Sunday, DJ went to church with his grandparents, Aunt Kristy and Uncle Mark. He spent the first part of the service on Nana’s lap but at some point, requested a transfer to “Unka Mook.” The transfer was approved and DJ was quickly scooped up into Uncle Mark’s strong arms.

There’s a lot of love in DJ’s life. There are a lot of people who are committed to caring for him and making sure that he has everything he needs to grow up healthy and happy and strong. Still, DJ’s Nana and Papa are asking everyone to pray for little DJ…
He doesn’t know where Heaven is.

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