Harrison Valley Man Jailed after Attacking State Trooper

GENESEE TWP. – A Harrison Valley man has been jailed on charges that he attacked a PA State Trooper.

Police say 23-year-old Jason M. Teller, of Harrison Valley, was already in custody for an unrelated matter when he attacked Trooper David Burd from behind.

Teller was subdued by a second State Trooper who was at the scene.

As a result of the attack, police have charged Teller with Aggravated Assault, Resisting Arrest, Unlawful Restraint and Disorderly Conduct.

Teller was arraigned in front of District Judge Annette Easton and sent to jail on $35,000 straight bail.

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  1. travis nelson says:

    its about time some one stood up to that cop im sure he pushed his buttons till he blew up it was along time comin for burd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mike Dock says:

    You’re leaving out the fact that Jason Teller is an a-hole. Real badass of him to hit him from behind.

  3. hahahahaha says:

    its about time that ***************** goes to jail. he’s nothing but a junkie and i hope he has fun being dopesick in jail. that’s right where he belongs. hahahahahahahahaha

  4. cody metcalf says:

    i think if your goin to take the time out and leave a comment that you should atleast have the balls to say who you are “hahahahaha” shows your just a coward at heart, it takes some nerv to call some1 a “junkie” and i can say for myself that i use to have a problem and now im 547 days sober and jason also got help himself around the sametime i did, so if you have a problem with any of this, id like it if you could take it or anything else to do with this matter up with me personaly, because im more than sure that ur just another person looking to run their mouth about anything that comes up, just because your life sucks doesnt mean you can pop off about someone else’s shit, you can find me on facebook or send me an email if need be. thanx and enjoy =) cody

  5. hahaha says:

    547 days sober?? are you fucking kidding me??? thats pretty funny ***********. i know for a fact that you have been high in the past 24 hours. and hundreds of times in the past 2 years. but its cool to make yourself look good in front of everyone on here. but sticking up for that scumbag is just hilarious. i guess it might be a little harder to rip people off when your by yourself. i honestly thought the comment that you made was a joke. good one!!

  6. "LOL" says:

    1st off, i can say im proud of you cody and 2nd, jessica you need to keep ur comments to yourself. everyone isnt stupid as you, ppl can tell whos posting comments…not to hard to figure out lol and 3rd yes im sorry something like this had to happen to a good person but the cops do push alot of buttoms on alot of different people, this is the 1st and last post im goin to make so all u other immature ppl can save their time and not even replay back…thanx see yall

  7. LaMe says:

    So “hahaha” I take it that if you know for a “fact” that someone is useing drugs, that you must be useing them too…i say birds of a feather flock together so if you kno for a fact that them people are doing them must be your around them and do them too, to know something like that, good try but you did nothing but make yourself look even more stupid then you already have.

  8. Jodi says:

    Why would a 46 yr old woman have herself involved in all of this stupidity? Hanging out with a 23 yr old!!!! What’s the matter with her?


    Yep I Just Heard About This On Here thought I would Check It out!! FOR EVERYONES INFORMATION (LOL) If i had something to say about ANYONES DRUG PROBLEMS i have no problem saying it and making sure that everyone knows its me I have no REASON to hide MY NAME!! BUT The only way someone would know for a fact if someone was doing drugs is if they were doing them with THAT PERSON, bought them from THAT PERSON or sold them to THAT PERSON and sense I dont do drugs sell drugs or associate myself with them kind of ppl Chances Are I DIDNT SAY IT!! BUT back to the damn point Jason Teller has some issues and hopefully he can figure them out while he severs some well deserved time in jail even tho i dont think it could hardly be enought time… All of u losers can stick up for ur loser friends i could careless it is a shame that hes doing time for one of his friends that set him up to come harrass me because they dont have enough “BALLS” to do it themselves.. BURD gave jason MANY MANY MANY chances to be civil and he choose to be a jackass GO FIGURE… He should have been arrasted after kicking a beer bottle that came out of his car at the troopers, and after calling them pig fuckers and spitting and all of the other bullshit he did but no NARKS get special treatment!! IM GLAD that hes in jail and his stupid skanky fake ass 46 year old girlfriend or whatever she is deserves to be in jail too… Just so u know all of u imature ppl need to get ur facts stright before u run ur mouth KAMRA will get u just like ur little buddie jason thats in jail right now ur turns coming up!!

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