Historic Coudersport Bridge to be Preserved

COUDERSPORT – Crews have begun working on the Fourth Street bridge in Coudersport in preparation for the relocation of the Seventh Street bridge.

The plan is to replace the historic pony truss Fourth Street bridge (built in 1910), which is closed to all traffic, with the current Seventh Street bridge, which is a historic bridge and landmark. Once the Seventh Street bridge is relocated to Fourth Street, it will be mainly used for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, but will allow for vehicle traffic in case of emergency. A new bridge will then be built on Seventh Street.

Construction crews have already installed water main piping beneath the Allegheny River flood channel in preparation for the dismantling of the bridge.

Some nearby residents say they do not really want the bridge or the associated traffic, but others feel a secondary access point to CARP Park is not only necessary, but would also make it convenient for some residents to travel to the park and of course the Consistory.

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