‘Hope for Rebecca’ Blog Provides Updates on Becky Thomas

A family member of Rebecca Thomas, the teenage girl who was severely injured in a pedestrian accident several weeks ago, has set up a blog to update those wishing to know Becky’s recovery progress.

A passage from the blog:

Rebecca has made incredible progress and while we have no idea where her capacity for recovery will end, we are hopeful. Physical Therapy was in today, She was able to swallow and she will be most likely be fed later today. She responds to simple questions, watches TV for short periods of time, sits propped in a chair for a while, seems interested in the balloons in her room, sleeps on and off, tries to push her blanket off. She seems comforted to see her mom. She will most likely be moved to Hershey late this week or early next week for rehabilitation.”

The blog is available at: http://hope4rebecca.blogspot.com/

Also, donation cans have been placed in various local businesses to help raise money for the Thomas family. If you haven’t had a chance to donate, please consider the next time while checking out.

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