House Fire in Coudersport

House fire coudersportCoudersport Volunteer Fire along with several other fire departments are battling an involved structure fire at a home on Main Street in Coudersport. will have additional video and photos available shortly.

We will also be posting a video in which a member of the Coudersport Ambulance crew assaulted a CoudyNews reporter, but allowed the Editor of the Potter Leader Enterprise access to the scene.

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  1. Cody says:

    ridiculous ! Take that to court :L

  2. essie says:

    What a shame! Saying prayers for the Smith family.

  3. Just Me says:

    I get my news here & a few other sites. I haven’t bought the county paper in years & most likely never will again. I Guess business is hurting for them to go to such great lengths. Besides their paper is more like opinions,and we all know what they say about opinions. That’s the reason it’s known as “The Potter County Rag” & “The Potter County Lies”. But anyway my prayers go out to the Smith family.

  4. Kim Mitchell says:

    My prayers are for the fireman and all the crews working. If there is anything we can do for the Smith Family please feel free to contact us. If that reporter would get hurt the first ones that would get blamed would be the fire department, they had every reason to ask the reporter to stand back. Who ever the reporter is shame on you. God Bless All

  5. admin says:

    Nonsense Kim. I wasn’t even close to the fire. Second, why wasn’t Brent asked to ‘stand back’?

    Furthermore, field reporters put themselves in harms way ever single day.

    I don’t see you calling FOX, CNN or MSNBC and griping at them because they have reporters in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Fact of the matter is, this was news and I have ever legal and moral right to cover it, just like any other news agency.

    Also, I’ll be looking for your letter to the editor in this week’s edition of the Potter Leader, since Brent was much much closer to the fire than I ever was. Write them a letter and tell them he had no business there.

  6. admin says:

    And yes Kim, I have taken your comment personally. How dare you say shame on me for doing my job and covering the news when I have NEVER showed an iota of disrespect or disregard for any emergency personnel.. EVER!

    I have ALWAYS showed them the utmost respect and courtesy, and stayed as far from the scene as possible.

    You defend the person who assaulted me and then say ‘shame on’ me?? Really, Kim?

    Tim Hallman/Editor

  7. Shelley M says:

    i think everyone needs to cool off, this young lady was wrong in what she did but taking it to this level is also wrong. the weather has been hot and unbearable, over the last 24 hrs tempers have been on edge and then this fire, your 1st amendment rights got bruised and an apology is needed, this type of reporting isn’t good journalism, it the stuff tabloids are made from the whole point of you being there was to report the fire…and you haven’t. apologize are need all around .

  8. Dennis says:

    From what I seen in the video, the main issue was she didnt want her face on camera. So when she says no, it means NO!!! I know exactly where she is coming from being a firefighter myself. I know you “news” reporters are trying to do you job, bust seriously stay the hell out of the way and report from a distance. Another thing you must understand, when the house is on fire, it becomes Fire Company property, so therefore its considered tresspassing when you try and trapes around a scene without the Fire Chief’s permission. And furthermore, there is now way you deserve to equate yourself to the reporters overseas. Report from a distance and let them do their job and there will be no more issues.

  9. G.R. says:

    Just Me is an idiot

  10. Bada Bing says:

    GR- So funny. Very short and to the point. Keep studying and you may advance from idiot to moron. Anything is possible!

  11. Angela Tucker says:

    Dear Mr. Reporter,
    First things first, on scene of an emergency, scene safety is top put it in terms you might understand..if the scene is not safe, NO ONE goes near it until the proper personnel arrive, which in this case would have been the fire department. Secondly, you say you have every right to be there as a reporter, maybe true, HOWEVER, you must present a press badge which you clearly did not do. Third, if you got a “scratch” from her, I will tell you it is not possible, she does not have fingernails long enough to scratch anything and if you are claiming that the scratch came from her pushing the camera out of her face, it would have been a bruise, if anything at all. Fourth, no means NO. Fifth, I know this woman on both a personal level and a work level, she is WONDERFUL on both levels. As an EMS worker, I would have done the same thing, people have their rights to privacy whether they are out on the street, working or in their own homes. I also take offense to your comment where you said something along the lines of “CVA needs to take into consideration who they hire”, I am a member of CVA myself and I’m here to tell you that they have some of the most wonderful people working for their organization. Keep running your mouth and you will have more than enough rope to hang yourself. What you did to this person was uncalled for and makes you look like another member of the slimy media. Oh, and as far as damage to your camera, sure seems like it was still working as you were walking away from her..just saying! Keep up the great work’re making yourself look awesome by making those who work in emergency services look bad, shows what kind of person you really are..ignorant.

  12. admin says:

    Angela, the video speaks for itself.

    I find it quite disturbing that you identify yourself as a member of the CVAA and then proceed to hurl insults at me, defend her actions, and then say you would have done the same thing.

    You call me ignorant. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, and when you say we don’t have the right to film you in public, you clearly are misinformed (that is the definition of ignorance). We have every right. Every legal right. In fact, I believe as a public servant you should be aware of that, and should have training on how to deal with the public. That clearly is not the case, when you make statements to the effect that you would have hit my camera just the same. I’m sorry Angela, but in this case, no does not mean no, because I have every right to film.

    Furthermore, your statement about press credentials is unsubstantiated and simply not true. Despite the fact that I DID identify myself, and we DO have press credentials, there is NO law anywhere that says I need to provide them. In fact, any citizen would have the same right to film that fire and the EMS worker.

  13. al gore says:


    I’m reminded of a George Carlin quote after reading Angela’s post.

    “Just think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of them are even stupider.”

  14. happy hv citizen says:

    sounds like someone that thinks she has authority, but really doesn’t the former fire chief of harrison valley was the same way and thats why he is the former chief… its about time he got run out

  15. Jeff EMT says:

    I have been in emergency services for over 20 years, from EMT to Chief and medic. She was out of line. The reporter is across the street and out of the way. She simply got angry that someone was not listening to her order and filming her. Happens – we all lose our cool from time to time. But for others in emergency services to think what she did was appropriate and she had a right to move people from a yard across the street is absurd.

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