Illegal Gas Workers found after Police Investigate Child Luring

Illegal immigrant arrested in connection with attempted child luring

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WILLIAMSPORT – Williamsport Police were called to a location this morning for a report of a possible crime.

What they ended up finding were two apartment buildings with suspected illegal immigrants all working for a surveyor with the natural gas industry.

That company, GPX Surveys of Texas, has an office in downtown Williamsport.

Police said they were called to investigate a report of someone luring a child into a truck at apartments near that office and soon realized a group of 16 suspected illegal immigrants lived there and worked for GPX.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought you had to have a GREEN CARD in order to work in the U.S. That is the way it is for anyone else coming into OUR COUNTRY!!!!! Mexicans should not be any different.Who the heck are they ? I’m tired of all these exceptions, and I don’t want to hear” Oh- that’s not true”. This is not the first time that these men come over here and broken our law. It has happened before in other places right here in Pa.Oh well slap their hands and deport them back to where they came from. WHO PAYS FOR THAT? I’m SURE WE DO. THEY CAN’T AFFORD IT. Great punishment isn’t it ? Arizona doesn’t want them either but their hands are tied thanks to our GREAT GOVERNMENT in DC. Where is this HOMELAND SECURITY we all hear about?Well it’s time to call our Reps and Senators and let them know this is unacceptable and do some thing about it. Those lobbyist don’t give up and we should let them know we aren’t going to either. OUR young children should not be easy prey for these perverts. and don’t tell me that there isn’t work in Mexico. That is where all out jobs are going. Get the picture ?
    if you print this thank-you

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