Incredible Video of Shooting at School Board Meeting Today


A man who was disgruntled about his wife being fired entered a school board meeting in Florida today, sprayed a ‘Vendetta’ symbol on the wall with spray paint, ordered the women and children out of the room and then opened fire on members of the school board. The man’s shots missed, but he was struck by a security guard from the rear of the room before taking his own life with his gun.

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  1. ken says:

    looks like the brave one was the lady that tried to take the gun away..why didn’t the men rush him then???

  2. Marshall says:

    Heck you kidding me? Good thing that guy in the middle doing all the talking isn’t a hostage negotiator. You ask me he just made it worse by keeping saying “what did she do” and trying to argue with the guy. I bet all my money if that first guy wouldnt have gotten interrupted by the guy in the middle he coulda talked him outta it. Just look the guy was almost ready to sit down like he was ready to talk.

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