Judge Leete Slaps 10 – 20 Year Sentence on Man who had Sex with Child

COUDERSPORT – John Allen Mix, age 21, of Duke Center, PA, has been sentenced in Potter County court on charges that he had sex with a child.

Potter County Senior Judge John Leete sentenced Mix to 10 – 20 years in prison on one count of first-degree felony Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse with a Child. Mix was also sentenced to a concurrent term of 11 – 60 months in prison for one count of third-degree felony Indecent Assault of Persons Less then 13 Years of Age, and a concurrent term of 18 – 60 months for first-degree misdemeanor Corruption of Minors. In addition, Mix has been ordered to a lifetime of Megan’s Law Registration.

Potter County District Attorney Andy Watson said the charges were brought against Mix after the victim’s mother reported to police that he had inappropriately touched her daughter.

According to Watson, Mix later admitted to police that he had sexual contact with the child on four separate occasions.

Court records indicate Mix was originally scheduled for a trial, but accepted a plea agreement before the trial began.

The case was prosecuted by Potter County District Attorney Andy Watson. Mix was represented originally by Jarrett Smith and later by Brent Petrosky.

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  1. Freddy says:

    Its about time. Tired of seeing freaks get away with a slap on the wrist.

  2. Xbowman says:

    Forced castration + hard labor prison time should be the sentence. Hope he gets 100 X’s worse in prison what he did to that poor child!

  3. Parent says:

    Good job Judge Leete..

  4. Old Skool says:

    Any of these sick bastards touch my kid, they would need more than prison walls to protect them. I doubt they’d make it to court.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And a few weeks ago in the news we heard about a 50+ year old man marrying a 16 year old little girl. And it is all legal.

  6. missy barnett says:

    dont think that the law enforcment officers are above the law in making a person be guilty of this..there are plenty of things that the da is not telling about this case.so dont be quick to judge!

  7. missy barnett says:

    judge lett is wrong becasue he not taking in all the facts that was before him….he needs to go home to his great grandyounguns.they dont have anything that proves this was done,people…who will be next?

  8. missy barnett says:

    he had jarett smith as his lawyer but smith was,i guess,too busy doing other illegal activites sooo dont be too quick to judge.child molestors should fry but john isnt one of those thank you very much!

  9. missy barnett says:

    this just goes to show even people who post here that voice their opinion solely on newspaper clippings!they dont go and search for true facts in cases as the lawyers,such as smith was paid to do but didnt as it seems to be the fact…this isnt over yet and im wondering who will be next in coudy to end up on the other side of the bars at the jail cause the da wants to be a big man and lock up innocent people!

  10. Someone who Knows says:

    Judge Leet did the right thing only John should have gotten life for what he did to that little girl she is forever scared, thearpy and all because he is a sick puppy. She will never grow up normal, and as for Jerett Smith. It’s pretty bad if he wouldn’t even defend him. That should tell you all you need to know right there. I was there when it all came out and that boy is lucky hes even still breathing I just hope he gets what he gave in prison.( to each his own) god will take care of him.

  11. bada bing says:

    **This comment violates our Terms Of Service and has been edited**

  12. missy barnett says:

    jarett smith was preoccupied and he isnt a very good lawyer to begin with!let me tell u something someone who knows!did u go and testify for the state since u purportedly know it all????i know quite a bit myself and i for one along with others dont believe this bull that was told….ur turn…..

  13. missy barnett says:

    god wll deal with the person responsible for this,i agree,but the one who told lies about this crap!

  14. missy barnett says:

    there have been more than this case jarett smith screwed up on and it seems to me potter county is nothing but a corrupt county with a higher rate than usual for convicted sex offenders!what gives?out of what 67 counties in the state of penna and potter has a success rate well above other counties for convicting people of child sex crimes.geezzzz…as i said b4 …who will step up to the plate next and be charged with similiar allegations…..when its one of the ones here,should it be,then u will be singing a whole different tune!shoe will end up on the other foot…as far as john…i dont believe it…come on!where are other “victims”…i heard about yoder and his questions…yeah,right!that was not questions……..

  15. missy barnett says:

    i am also,someone who knows…quite a bit!this is a public forum and this is still the usa and i have freedom of speech,last i heard,and i am voicing my opinion and that everything wasnt told so the state could get a conviction….

  16. someone who knows says:

    Maybe Potter county isn’t the problem. Seems to me that there the only ones who truly care about about what really goes on behind closed doors children are abused every day and nothing is ever done about it. HOORAY for Potter County for standing up for our children, and the thing is if its not caught the cycle continues. Thank god that there were no other victims, is one not enough for you???? Get real he took the plea bargin. Don’t you worry if I am ever called to testify I sure the h— will be there. Officer Yoder did his job very well and (I thank him from our family). Nobody who knows someone wants it to be true but trust me this was no mistake. that little girl has a long road ahead of her and its people like you that will never let her heal. So leave it be

  17. missy barnett says:

    he had a sorry lawyer!i know first hand cause he failed to represent him.he was too busy doing “other”things and failed to do plenty and im not impressed with watsonat all.i dont condone child molestors at all.those who do it and there is most definenitly evidence to back up the case then they need to rot in prison but john isnt that person.he been around other kids and why not the other kids that was in the house?it just very suspicious!casey anthony had more against her for what was done to caylee than john mix has against him……she was found not guilty and gets out of jail on july 16,2011 and my understanding is she gets paid for her time in jail because of it…..i wish there were never any victims from this crap!personally it haunts a person for the rest of their life,always in the back of their mind….who do they trust after something like this?there are trust issues…but,what im saying is like the defense lawyers for casey anthony,dont judge til one knows all the facts and stop speculating.i,myself,do not believe this is true and til i draw my last breath will not accept this as true!i know too much about this….as far as the plea john took,smith told him to take the deal since smith failed to do the job he was paid to do and time was up!i dont condone child molesters at all and those who got proof beyond a reasonable doubt stacked up against those who havce been accused do need to rot in jail in the depths of dispare.im not here to argue against u,there are always two sides to every story and alot of angles to each side of each story….everybody has the right to voice their opinion here as i and thats what makes the usa move forward but im just saying the judges and district attourneys and defense lawyers across this nation have a duty to uphold the law as it was written many years ago which everybody is to have a fair trial with a jury of his peers.the defendant is to be able to have council and to have the right to face his accuser and provide evidence to refute the prosecution….i say….do we not still have that same opportunity available to us as citizens of the usa?

  18. nunya says:

    I beleive they should use the death penalty for that , that girls life is ruined at the hands of this sicko. But at the same note , i know of some other instances in this county that same stuff has happened , and it is brushed under the carpet. Cudos to Judge Leete for getting this perve off the street. Thank – You !!!!!!!

  19. missy barnett says:

    why is it he wasnt told of his miranda rights b4 they questioned him then?hmmm…..

  20. Bobbi Bozo says:

    Like people don’t know they got the right to remain silent.

  21. missy barnett says:

    he didnt know when he willing drove to the police in coudy and then the police yell at him for hours and lie to get him to sign a paper that revokes his miranda rights away without his knowledge…i know how the police use certain tactics to get info from individuals…also,wonder why they didnt record the whole interview where he supposedly confessed on video,audio or with a secretary cause the way it looks to me.two cops will lie to agree with each other to send a person to prison for child sex offense….that confession isnt enough to get a guarentee confession cause like i said two police officers can lie and back each other up and thats not what they are taught in school…one would know they have the right ton remain silent provided they are read their miranda rights and are arrested b4 questioning…he wasnt giving that chance because he didnt know what he was signing…police dont have the right to yell at anybody and do the trrick they pulled to drag out enough words out of john to enable the police to arrest him on the stuff that they have on that paper..that they told him to write.the police coersed him to write as i am certain of that as john is definitly no scholar by any means and he doesnt talk in complete sentences to begin with so i dont believe that crap on paper that he wrote cause he wouldnt have wriiten that on his own,…coudy police in my opinion dont have evidence to support this and why wasnt child services called to aid in the investigation as they are trained with dealing with children…if it smells and stinks like fish ,then it must be a fish!i want to see a video,as police depts across the country do use that e.g 48 hours..or a tape recording as police across the country has used that too…but im not believing two state police with no other state evidence that has no audio or a video!the da is wanting to add as many knotches on his belt that he can…but the thing is…anybody can admit to anything even in writing but there has to be other evidence to go with it and i dont see anything?what about computers?yeah,right?did they confiscate computers?where he was staying?wonder what is on that computer hard drive?as i said b4 there are alwways two sides to every story!let us see the video or hear an audio of the interrogation and let the public decide whether it was how the police say it was or the way it really was as family was outside the room hearing what was going on…yeah!right!the truth will come out..someday..it may take 10 yrs or 50 but the truth eventally comes out….

  22. missy barnett says:

    oh!btw!i love how everybody gets to have their opinion left without it being hidden,such as those here,other that my opinion,here..this is a free country but the editor of this coudy news isnt being fair as a news reporter to leaving all messages up instead of minimizing the less popular ones because those may get a thumbs down…as far as journalism goes,a journalist is to keep an open mind when reporting the newsw and there are always two sides to every story..its really being unfair to one side of the story here..u let the other side of the story out along with opinions to that side but nothing to this side of the story…are u just a one sided paper that u want to let everybody know just one side of the story?

    Editor’s Response: Missy, CoudyNews.com nor myself have hidden any comments. Comments are only hidden when readers vote them down… we cannot control that. We implemented this feature to give readers the ability to vote on comments they like or dislike. It is a democratic system, and has nothing to do with what we at CoudyNews believe or think.

  23. missy barnett says:

    what is ‘hidden due to low content rating?”

    Editor’s Response: ‘Hidden due to low content rating’ means that other readers have voted down the comments. Each comment has a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ feature. Comments receiving many ‘thumbs up’ will be highlighted. Those receiving many ‘thumbs down’ will be hidden until the reader clicks the link to expand that particular comment.

    We implemented this feature to give readers the ability to vote on comments they like or dislike.

  24. admin says:

    Missy, I would also like to add that comments are never truly hidden. They can still be viewed simply by clicking the link to expand the ‘hidden’ comment.

    Also, anytime CoudyNews staff moderates or edits a comment, it is clearly labeled. While we do delete many comments on a daily basis, we NEVER manipulate the content of a comment or make edits without stating that we have done so.

    Our comment policy here at CoudyNews expressly states that readers may only leave comments directed towards an individual, entity or organization, if they leave their full name. Such comments without a name go in the trash.

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