Just How Much $$$ Did Area See From 09 ‘Stimulus’?

A commonly heard refrain when tongues wag about the federal economic stimulus of 2009 is, “Where’s ours?”

The answer is available through a website that tracks distribution of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Spending in Potter County has been in excess of $14.4 million. In Cameron County, ARRA has provided more than $4.6 million.

Bulk of the federal dollars in Potter County has gone toward highway projects, including Rt. 6 repaving and drainage improvements on the east and west gateways to Coudersport and bridge repairs across the county.

Galeton Borough received $2.83 million for stormwater and sewage pipe separation. School districts also benefitted, with $565,000 going to Coudersport, $319,000 to Galeton and $186,000 for Austin.

ARRA funds were committed to remove abandoned gasoline storage tanks on private property at former businesses in Costello, Roulette and Mills. Those projects cost $135,000.

Ulysses Borough received $80,000 for a water improvement project. Another $40,000 was approved for low-income housing rehabilitation around the county.

Bulk of the Cameron County funding – some $3.36 million – was allotted for weatherization. Another $83,000 supported the courthouse energy improvement project.

Cameron County School District received $627,000.

Northern Tier Community Action Corp. was awarded $450,000 for career development and self-sufficiency programs to help the unemployed and underemployed.

An $80,000 allotment went for replacement of two elevators at Emporium Arms and $31,000 was targeted to help the homeless.

ARRA funds were also used to boost several federal benefit programs in both counties.

Food stamp benefits were increased by 14 percent for 2,394 people in Potter County and 917 in Cameron.

Medical assistance benefits were provided through ARRA for 3,489 Potter County residents and 1,246 people in Cameron County. Health insurance benefits were extended to 900 unemployed adults in Potter and 400 in Cameron.

Another element of the federal stimulus was the $400 tax credit for low- and middle-income individuals and families. There were 7,203 recipients in Potter County and 2,471 in Cameron.

ARRA funds were also used to increase unemployment compensation checks by $25 weekly and to extend the coverage period for 1,100 people in Potter County and 800 in Cameron.

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    private property at former businesses in Costello, Roulette and Mills. Those projects cost $135,000.

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