Justices Weigh Lawsuits Over Vaccine Side Effects

Editor’s Note: Being a parent myself I have done quite an extensive amount of research on vaccinations. It truly is a very hard decision to make as a parent, vaccinate or not. The general public for the most part goes with the flow and never questions what they are told about vaccinations, and this is quite unfortunate. In my opinion every parent should be truthfully informed as to the side-effects of immunizations. The reality is that as a society and as a whole, immunizing children is beneficial. However, as an individual, immunizations are extremely harmful to the human body. As a Doctor once told me, “sometimes you have to sacrifice a few sheep for the good of the herd”. Personally, and while this may sound selfish, my two little sheep mean more to me than the rest of the herd. Also, lets be realistic here; Drug companies make billions of dollars every year selling vaccines and drugs. There is so much money at stake, of course they will tell the public what they need to in order to continue profiting. Many of you who have never delved into the matter would likely be outraged after learning some of the horrific details involving this industry. I urge all parents to research the true nature of immunizations. If anyone would like more information email me at webmaster@coudynews.com and I’ll gladly send you informative links.

Parents Trying To Persuade High Court To Let Them Sue Manufacturer

Pittsburgh Channel 4

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is trying to sort out whether drug companies can be sued for claims of serious side effects from childhood vaccines without driving vaccine makers from the market and risking a public health crisis.

The court heard arguments Tuesday in an appeal filed by Pittsburgh-area parents who want to sue drug maker Wyeth, which is owned by Pfizer Inc., for the health problems they say their 18-year-old daughter suffered from a vaccine she received in infancy.

Several justices appeared sympathetic to the parents’ plea to be allowed to make their case in court.

Wyeth, backed by the Obama administration and many public health groups, argued that Congress shielded drug companies from most vaccine lawsuits when it created a special vaccine court 24 years ago to handle the claims.

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