LINK: Baths Salts Blamed for Warren Man’s Erratic Behavior

A Warren County man accused of using bath salts allegedly set items in a house on fire, ran from police and then set a tree stand on fire while he was in it.

Police say the incident started on Tuesday evening when 31-year-old Jacob Richards was inside his house on Pineville Road in Southwest Township pounding on the floors, walls and ceiling of his bedroom. After a 51-year-old female victim confronted him about using bath salts, he barricaded himself inside his room and fired a round from a shotgun. The victim left the house and contacted police.

When state police, sheriff’s deputies, and adult probation officers arrived on the scene Richards would not answer the phone or the public address system used to contact him inside the house. He eventually set fire to items inside the house. Smoke started coming from the eaves of the house and he crawled out through a hole he cut in the floor and ran into the woods.

Several members of the sheriff’s department tried to apprehend him with no success. Two deputies were hurt during the pursuit.

Several hours later police found Richards in a tree stand in a wooded area in Pleasantville. He refused to come out of the tree stand, and set fire to it while he was still in it.

Read the rest of the story at the 1490NewsBlog by clicking here.

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