Link between Gas Drilling and Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

PA State Rep. Mike Sturla (D-Lancaster)

A Lancaster State Representative has drawn heavy criticisms after making the statement that gas drillers were “spreading sexually transmitted disease amongst the womenfolk,” but as it turns out, the Lancaster Democrat may be right.

PA State Representative Mike Sturla (D-Lancaster) made this statement recently:

Also, aside from building roads so their trucks can get to drill sites and doing a little stream work to mitigate damage from their road building, exactly what are all those things the drillers are doing for the local communities? Patronizing the bars at night? Driving up the cost of rental housing? Spreading sexually transmitted disease amongst the womenfolk? Causing school districts to ask local governments to ban truck traffic on local roads during school bus pick up and drop off times so kids don’t get killed? Upgrading emergency preparedness equipment to handle a well blow out? Running compressor stations that have decibel levels equal to a jet engine?…Really community oriented stuff.”

Most critics said they were offended by the language, specifically Sturla referring to local women as “womenfolk”, but despite the possibly controversial language, Sturla’s remarks may have been correct.

Keystone Politics has referred to a Troy Community Hospital Study which says, among other problems near drilling sites are “an increase in sexually transmitted diseasees” and “an increase in drug use and specifically ‘bath salts.'”

A Penn State report also confirms the speculation, stating that infectious diseases such as STD’s are a problem near drilling sites.

Sturla has since attempted to clarify his remarks regarding “womenfolk,” saying he used that term believing that is how many out-of-state drillers view the local women.

Sturla has also said “Everyone that I’ve talked to related to health issues in the Northern Tier says sexually transmitted disease have spiked.”

Expect the controversy surrounding the matter to continue for some time as ‘experts’ begin refuting Sturla’s remarks.

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  1. anonomys says:

    eww no class!

  2. Kcaarin says:

    there IS a way to not get an STD…….this sort of make the local ‘womenfolk’ appear like dumb animals where they can’t think for themselves. Unless the drillers are raping those women (and then there’s another problem) I think the local ‘womenfolk’ need to not ‘go there’ and this problem will be solved. The other things addressed regarding the community are valid complaints and should be taken seriously.

  3. Bada Bing says:

    One should always practice “safe fracking”.

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