Local Businesses Featured in Washington Post after Surprise Visit to Sweden Valley Cabins

Sweden Valley Cabins

POTTER COUNTY – Several local businesses, including Sweden Valley Cabins, the Maple Tree, Olga’s Cafe, Cherry Springs State Park and the Lumber Museum were featured in an article in The Washington Post Friday.

News of the article came as a surprise to Sweden Valley Cabin’s owners, who say they were unaware they were hosting special guests (Rob and Jesse Smith) until a phone call Saturday morning informing them of the news.

The following is a snippet from the article:

“This really feels like the middle of nowhere,” I said to my partner.

Rob and I were driving along the road to Cherry Springs State Park in north central Pennsylvania. We were in “God’s Country,” as Potter County calls itself. Dense forests surrounded us. Every so often, we would pass a hunting cabin, closed for the season. But we saw few other signs of life — human life, that is. Trees and wildflowers lined the road; butterflies and birds flitted between them.

On this sunny afternoon, we weren’t so much noticing nature as we were getting lost in it. This largely undeveloped, sparsely populated region of Pennsylvania includes 29 state parks, eight state forests and the Allegheny National Forest. Cherry Springs itself is surrounded by the 262,000-acre Susquehannock State Forest.

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