Major Pipeline/Compression Projects Involve Potter County

From Potter County Today

pipelinepixxxPotter County’s location as a hub of natural gas transportation is underscored by a series of pipeline and compression projects moving forward to prepare for the production of gas from Marcellus Shale deposits in the Appalachian Basin. As transportation capacity expands, companies expect to significantly increase their local drilling and production of natural gas

  • As previously reported, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. is proposing to spend hundreds of  millions of dollars to increase the capacity of its “300 Line,” an interstate pipeline that traverses Potter County. More information is available at 1-866-683-5587.
  • A public meeting will be held at Potato City Country Inn on Tuesday, Jan. 25, at 7 pm, by National Fuel Gas Supply Corp. to discuss system upgrades to increase the company’s transportation capacity from its interconnection with the Tennessee Gas Pipeline at Ellisburg in Potter County to the TransCanada Pipeline near Niagara Falls, N.Y.  National Fuel has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to approve construction of additional compression facilities at the Ellisburg Compressor Station. According to National Fuel, “This Northern Access Project will provide reliable, competively priced supplies of energy to Western Pennsylvania and New York and the Northeastern United States and Canada from Marcellus Shale gas production in Pennsylvania.” Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in November. More information is available from Sandra L. James at 1-800-677-8004, or
  • Also, FERC is seeking public input on potential environmental issues that could arise from the Ellisburg to Craigs Project proposed  by Dominion Transmission Inc., which involves construction of new pressure regulation facilities at Ellisburg. Deadline for public comment is Jan. 31. More information is available at 1-866-208-3372.

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