Man Accused of Years of Abuse Sent to Jail

Woman alleges man tracked her every move with cameras, made her take lie detector test

COUDERSPORT – A man who allegedly subjected his wife to a lie detector test and placed video cameras in their home to monitor her “every move” has been sentenced to county jail.

Years of alleged physical and mental abuse ended after 57-year-old Benjamin D. Heimbach, of Mifflinburg, PA, fell and suffered facial lacerations. Police who responded to the scene say they found Heimbach lying on his porch in a pool of blood. Police soon realized Heimbach had fallen and injured himself. His wife at the time told police it was all on camera, as Heimbach kept “digital recorders at home, recording her every move.” She also told police in October of 2010 Heimbach made her take a lie detector test, because he thought she had been cheating on him.

Police said at the time they responded to the scene, Heimbach’s wife had visible swelling as well as black and blue marks on her forehead and around her left eye. She told police Heimbach had punched her in the face and head several times, before she ran to a neighboring camp for help. While running to the camp she heard Heimbach yell for help, realized he had been hurt, and returned to help him.

Police said they recovered the video camera in question, which showed that Heimbach had subjected the woman to nearly two hours of physical abuse – violently attacking her, holding her down, taking her clothes away and physically restraining her from leaving while she was naked.

She later told police Heimbach had been abusive with her for years.

Heimbach, who was originally charged with felony kidnapping, pleaded guilty to second-degree misdemeanor Simple Assault as well as Stalking, Terroristic Threats and Unlawful Restraint, all misdemeanors of the first-degree.

Heimbach was sentenced to a total of 4 to 23 1/2 months in jail and will be placed on probation for a term of two years following completion of his jail sentence and parole.

He was also ordered to pay fines and court costs, perform 30 hours of community service as well as participate in a Victim Impact Panel Presentation, N/A or AA meetings and anger management classes.

The case was prosecuted by Potter County District Attorney Andy Watson. Heimbach was represented by George Edward Lepley Jr., Esq. Judge Stephen Minor benched the case.


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  1. Marney01 says:

    Thats all he got?? He sure did get off easy. Next he could kill her.

  2. Sally Cobb says:

    did they search for drugs or paraphinalia so he could have gone to prison? thats a horrible thing & he will be free in 5 mos….gimme a break watson

  3. michael brady says:


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