Man Arrested for Breaking Windows in Roulette

ROULETTE – Thomas L. Spencer, 27, of Covington, PA, was arrested on Sunday by State Police after they received several reports of a man breaking windows at a Roulette residence.

Police say prior to their arrival, Spencer fled the scene. He was later located hiding/sleeping in a small wooded area between Third and Second Street.

Police say Spencer was taken into custody without incident and charged with Criminal Mischief, Disorderly Conduct, and Public Drunkenness in District Court 55-4-01.

An investigation revealed that Spencer was also wanted in Tioga County on probation violations.

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One Comment

  1. Michele says:

    Thomas spencer is a waste of tax money!! He is in and out of jail all the time. You would think that the judge would get sick of seeing him and put him away for a long long time. Dont anyone tell me i am being rude or unfair or that i dont know what i am talking about because i do!!!! This man has been in trouble one way or another most of his life. He hit me head on drunk july 3 of 2010. So because he wanted to go get drunk that night I have to live with the pain the rest of my life. He was out drinking and i was on my way home from work. This man has cost me alot of money and has never had to pay for anything because he dont work! He was not in jail long and then he was out. Then he wasnt out long and he was back in again. This is just the way this man lives. How many chances should one man get?

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