Man With Amnesia Reunited With Family

Courier Express

PORTVILLE – King’s strange 60 mile trek from home began Monday when he woke up in the woods near Emporium, not knowing where he was, how he got there or even his own past including his name.

Upon waking in the woods the only things surrounding him were trees and two grocery bags containing a work shirt, a T-shirt and a zip lock bag filled with pipe tobacco, rolling papers and a cigarette roller. In his pockets were a lighter and a small silver cross.

“I got up to take a look around and try to figure out where I was,” King said. “There was a road that dead ended and a fancy arched bridge. The stone was intricately cut, it was really quite nice. I didn’t really know what to do. So I just got up and started walking.”

His “walk” ended up taking him just about 60 miles north to Eldred, where he was picked up Wednesday by a man named Mike who happened to be traveling to Olean, N.Y., and offered King a ride.

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