Marcellus Shale Gas Well Rupture Forces Evacuation

Pa. Officials Say Water, Gas Leaking From Clearfield Co. Well

Pittsburgh News

CLEARFIELD, Pa. — Natural gas and drilling fluids are spewing from an out-of-control well in Clearfield County.

Emergency officials said a mile-wide area has been evacuated after an operation drilling into the Marcellus Shale ruptured on Friday.

The FAA has issued a flight restriction in the immediate area.

According to a news release from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, a well which was in the frack process ruptured in Clearfield, spilling frack water and unignited wet gas.

Frack water is water mixed with other substances used during drilling.

According to PEMA, the well is six miles from State Route 153 in the area of I-80 exit 111. Read more

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is just one reason why we need to begin the drilling in this area much more slowly. I personally do not feel that having this drilling “boom” will do any thing good for this area, with a long term perspective, it will do more harm to the environment than it will be worth.

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