Meals-On-Wheels Still Seeking Support

The Coudersport Rotary Club is urging donors to match the Club’s recent donation of $100.00 to the Meals-on-Wheels program, a humanitarian project administered by the local Area Agency on Aging.

Pictured above: Sherry Hoffman, Potter County Human Services Area Agency on Aging and Melissa Gee, Rotary Vice-President.

The Meals-on-Wheels program was added to the Rotary Club’s 2010 Gift List after several of the Club was made aware of the Agency’s growing waiting list of senior citizens in need of meal services.  “We sometimes overlook the seniors with the most need because they are unable to leave their homes and so they often go unnoticed,” according the Melissa Gee, Rotary Vice-President.

Several area senior citizens were recently taken off the Meals-on-Wheels waiting list thanks to a recent block grant and various local donations received over the holiday season.  “Despite the recent donations, seven seniors remain on the waiting list and that list is expected to grow to 15 to 20 seniors by end of this fiscal year based on past years”, according to Sherry Hoffman, Director of the program.  “Twenty-five dollars is enough to feed one senior citizen for an entire week and $1,300.00 will feed them for an entire year,” added Hoffman.

Those wishing to make a similar donation can call Sherry directly at the Potter County Human Services Area Agency on Aging office at 544-7315 or 1-800-800-2560.

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