Methamphetamine Laboratory Raid in Port Allegany, PA

'Crystal Meth' - Photo by Wikipedia

Detectives from the McKean County District Attorney’s Office, McKean County Drug Task Force, and the Pennsylvania State Police Clandestine Laboratory Response Team raided a residence at 63 South Main Street in Port Allegany on the evening of March 14, 2012. An active methamphetamine laboratory including precursor chemicals, pseudoephedrine, laboratory paraphernalia, and approximately two grams of finished crystal methamphetamine, was located inside and around the residence. Arrested was 23 year old Sara Jean Jones. Jones was charged with seven felony counts related to the manufacture of methamphetamine and disposal of chemicals in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Jones was also charged with a felony count of risking a catastrophe and misdemeanor charges of reckless endangerment and drug possession.

The manufacturing of methamphetamine is extremely dangerous and involves the use of several toxic and explosive chemicals. Members of the Pennsylvania State Police Clandestine Laboratory Response Team donned protective gear including respirators and chemical suits in order to serve the search warrant on the residence. Also assisting in the operation were Port Allegany Police, McKean County Sheriff’s Department, Star Hose Company, Fire Police, and PennDOT.

Comments from District Attorney Raymond R. Lean: “Methamphetamine is a highly addictive and destructive drug. The manufacturing of methamphetamine is extremely dangerous and causes a public health and safety concern that must be addressed. We are focusing on methamphetamine laboratories and those who are purchasing the chemicals and over the counter medications necessary to manufacture methamphetamine. This stuff destroys lives and can kill innocent people and has to be stopped, and that is what we intend to do.”

Anyone with information regarding illegal drug activity is asked to call the McKean County Drug Task Force Confidential Tip-line at (814) 887-3232

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  1. Braidensmom says:

    They should hand this case over to the feds send a message these actions have major consequences……what would of happened if it exploded before it had been found and innocent people and even children died?

    • joellene dangro says:

      I thank God that this didn’t get to the point of anyone dying, including Sara Jones! I understand how you feel about children being in danger of this, but Sara has an addiction problem and needs help! She too is the child of someone, they are truley hurting over the fact that Sara put people in danger, including herself! She didn’t set all of this up herself, unfortunatley others are going to walk free and continue to use people to set up labs, or help the legal officials keep making the arrest and in turn receive lesser sentencing for charges they are awaiting to be sentenced for. If you are from that area you probably are already aware of some of the people I am talking about…if your not, I am letting you know, that this 23 year old girl didn’t just dream this up! She was taught how to make it! Not that I am condoning it, but all the facts should be out there,and everyone involved should have been arrested, including ALL the person(s), who were a part of it! I will continue to pray for Sara to get healthy and beat her addiction, as I pray that God will make sure that all punishments are handed out as need be! I will be praying for Sara’s family and Thanking God that everyone came out of this alive!

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