MMA Fight Tonight in Salamanca

Shown in the photo is Dennis Hallman and Matt Hughes. Hallman is credited with submitting Welter Weight Champion Matt Hughes twice in less than 17 seconds of the first round during two separate matches. An unprecedented feat. Hallman will not be fighting this evening.

Salamanca Press

On Saturday, June 19, at 6 p.m., local businessman Michael ‘Snake’ Tome, in accordance with Justin Cash and Knockout Promotions, Tome’s Seneca Nation company, will present the cage fighting event. It will be the second chapter of the ‘Run the Gaunlet’ series (the first took place on March 20).

Despite the fact that MMA remains illegal in New York (which has been the case since 1997), the Seneca Nation of Indians, as its own law-governing body on its territorial land, has the power to permit it on their property, which it has done. In August of 2008, the SNI passed a resolution allowing MMA on the sovereign territory of the Seneca Nation.

MMA cage fighting has been legalized, sanctioned and commissioned by the Seneca Nation of Indians Athletic Commission.

‘Run the Gauntlet’ will feature somewhere between 10 and 15 fights, according to Tome. All will be amateur fights, meaning they will all be three rounds of three minutes a round. Tome’s local guys will square off against fighters from teams from all over New York, including two teams from Central New York (Syracuse).

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