Mosquito Carrying West Nile Virus Found In Galeton Area

From Potter County Today

mosquitoState officials confirmed last week that a mosquito carrying the West Nile virus was found in Potter County earlier this month. They emphasized that the discovery in the Galeton area is no cause for alarm, but it did trigger additional surveillance that so far has found no other evidence of the virus. Human cases of West Nile virus are rare. The majority who are infected typically have only symptoms similar to a mild flu, if they show any signs at all. There are extremely rare cases where the disease can lead to extended illness or death.

Cooler temperatures reduce the risk. Public health officials said people should take common-sense precautions against mosquito bites. These include wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors in mosquito-prone areas, applying insect repellent, and avoiding mosquito infested areas. To reduce mosquito-breeding, people should drain or remove items that collect water, such as buckets, birdbaths, tires, flower pot liners, clogged rain gutters and unused swimming pools.

DEP reported late last week that there were 22 mosquito samples and three avian samples testing positive for West Nile virus. Centre and Clarion counties were among those where the virus was detected.

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