UPDATED: Multiple Stations, Helicopters Dispatched

UPDATE: Information obtained by CoudyNews indicates this incident was related to the police investigation in Coudersport yesterday. Sources tell CoudyNews the subject of yesterday’s police investigation, an adult female, was one of at least two, and possibly three, victims of a drug overdose. At least one victim was a juvenile male. Details to come once an official report has been released by authorities.


11:31 At least one patient is being transported to CCMH via ambulance, another patient is being transported to rendezvous with a medicopter.


Roulette, Coudersport, Medic 6 and multiple medical helicopters have been dispatched for an unknown reason.

Reports indicate possibly two juveniles unresponsive.

Roulette and Medic 6 were originally dispatched for this call. Coudersport has since been dispatched to standby with one ambulance for Roulette.

State Police are on the scene.

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  1. Roger says:

    They better lock her ass away from a long time. A long time coming too. Bout time. Good work police.

  2. Jenn Lehman says:

    does anyone have names for these incidents?

  3. JAY CEE says:

    Looks like they missed some of what they were looking for above the China Garden. Just saying.

  4. stacey says:

    Do you know the female? For you to say long time coming and bout time I am just assuming you know her.

  5. admin says:

    Jenn, we are awaiting an official news release for the first incident. The second incident likely involved juveniles, so no information will be made public in those regards, although sources tell us at least one adult was involved. However, the nature of the incident may not warrant a news release.

    Let me just say, there are many instances in which prescription drugs are involved, that never make it to any news sources, as the information is never released.

    Look for an editorial addressing this problem in the near future.

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