MVA with Injuries near Gaines

Galeton Dept. 10 dispatched

MVA approximately one and a half miles North on 349 from intersection with Route 6 in Gaines Township.

Multiple injuries with possible ejection. Two patients unresponsive but breathing.

2:11 am Medic 6 dispatched, Medic 1 and Ambulance 10 responding

2:16 am LifeNet 7-7 airborn on standby with ETA of 26 min.

2:23 am Clymer Dept. 16 dispatched with ambulance to provide mutual aid

2:26 am Guthrie Air medicopter airborn with ETA of 20 min.

3:06 am Wellsboro Dept. 1 dispatched to assist Guthrie Air at Wellsboro airport

Guthrie Air has been redirected to a Landing Zone at the Wellsboro airport

At least one patient was transported via medicopter.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    my prayer go with the vicitms

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