Possible New #2 World Record Black Bear Taken in PA

875 pound black bear a new PA state record


This bear was shot November 15th 2010 with a crossbow in northeastern Pennsylvania (Pike County). 875 pounds live weight and 744 dressed, #2 in the WORLD and a new PA State Record. He missed the world record by 4 pounds……

See more photos and story here.

Note: The PA Game Commission is reportedly investigating the kill of this bear. Some folks claim the kill was “fishy” and that the bear was possibly a hand-fed tame bear. The Game Commission is expected to issue a news release in the matter.

NOTE: This story has been updated:



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Old adage: If it’s too good to be true………

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rumor is that the bear is a tamed bear named Bozo that has been handfed for the past 17 years by a homeowner that lives behind Petrizzos restaurant in Monroe County. The homeowner found blood on his property and Bozo is now gone. Bozo also HAS been tagged in NJ. Rumor in Bushkill is that this bear was poached illegally on private property, hence the investigation by the PGC. I doubt this record stands after the investigation.

  3. Bushkill says:

    The investigation mysteriously went away. The bear was killed where Leroy was feeding it, but for some reason, the investigation ended as quickly as you could spell Bozo. These clowns knew it was tame and kept shooting it with arrows until it died.

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