New Website Details Gas Industry Contributions

Harrisburg politics worth BIG Marcellus $$$

From GreenMan Marcellus Shale Blog

You knew the politicians in Harrisburg must be raking in BIG political contributions from the Marcellus Shale industry. Go figure, the gas under Pennsylvania could be worth as much as $2 trillion. But with a near-broken state website for citizens to track political contributions, most of this information escaped the spotlight. Not any more. Welcome to

Common Cause PA and Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania teamed up on the website to reveal the facts about politicians who receive the most money. You can visit their easy-to-navigate website to find all the details about your favorite politician, and why he or she seems to be voting on the industry side of everything.

Keep in mind that many of those politicians with heavily lined-pockets will be voting before the end of September on key issues affecting Pennsylvania. Will townships and cities lose their individual rights on gas drilling zoning issues? Will citizens have their property rights subjected to eminent domain type action with forced pooling? Will 98% of Pennsylvanians get cheated by having Harrisburg enact a weak gas severance tax, or worse yet, no gas severance tax at all? Pennsylvanians, your personal future is being decided right now, and it is being influenced with industry dollars.

It’s no wonder citizens don’t trust their politicians and government any more. First it was Marcellus Spy Gate where a private group of Philly snoops, funded with $125,000 of taxpayer money, spied on peaceful gas drilling activists worrried about their family’s health. Following this 2nd crack in the Liberty Bell, Gov Rendell defended Philadelphia freedom last evening by saying, “Protesting is not a threat, it’s a God-given American right.” Duh. He stopped short of firing his chief spook James F. Powers, Jr. but said the spying contract with ITRR would not be renewed. Small consolations. Many are wondering who the lame duck governor will be working for when his term ends.

The new Marcellus Money website gives us a clear look at the Marcellus Shale industry puppeteers and their puppets in Harrisburg. Election Day is about 40 days away, your chance to get even Pennsylvania!

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