'Non GMO' Food Labels to Hit Store Shelves Soon

In the past the FDA has restricted food companies from labeling foods as NON-GMO. They did so arguing that such labels would cast a negative light on food that did contain genetically modified organisms. The FDA argues that there is no difference between genetically modified foods and non-genetically modified foods, although thousands of researchers and scientists beg to differ.

Recently researchers have linked GMO foods to a host of illnesses and diseases, and some say they are the direct cause of the great deterioration of health seen in the US today.

The processes used to grow genetically modified foods have also came under scrutiny as of late. Problems such as DNA mutation in plants and humans is becoming apparent. Researchers say studies show DNA mutation in humans and in animals that consume GMO foods. Weeds that were once resistant to herbicides such as Round-Up are now becoming immune and causing a host of problems for farmers who cannot rid their fields of these super-resistant weeds.

Many overseas countries have banned GMO foods, and others require that GMO foods at least be labeled as such. Despite these concerns and evidence, the FDA, accused of sharing employees with GMO corporations such as Monsanto, continue to advocate for GMO foods and non-labeling of such.

Although most consumers in the US probably do not realize it, most of the food grown in the US is now genetically modified.

Many consumers and organizations are now stepping up and demanding that organic food growers be able to test and label their products as NON-GMO.

The ‘Non-GMO Project’ plans to change the face of food labeling. The project has support from some 102 food makers and 447 retailers.

Whole Foods, a grocery store chain with some 297 stores says, “The public is becoming more aware. Consumers are wanting to be educated about it and wanting to make informed choices”.

They plan to have some 200+ products tested and labeled as NON-GMO by fall.

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  1. Sharon Dishon says:

    My question is GMO products out yet? What state are they in?

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