Olean Sex Offender Sentenced to 7 Years

OLEAN, NY – An Olean man has been sentenced to 7 years in state prison for engaging in sex with a child less than 13 years of age.

Timothy Jerge, 34, of Olean, NY, was convicted of having sex with the child for a period of 5 years, spanning from 2004 until 2009.

Jerge will also spend 10 years on probation after his prison sentence.

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  1. admin says:

    Forgive me for interjecting my personal opinion on this one, but sometimes it is too much to bite my tongue. 7 years? Hardly a punishment fitting of the crime if you ask me. This man traumatized a child for 5 years, and he’ll only spend, at most, 7 behind bars.

    Something is terribly wrong with our justice system.

    • Anonymous says:

      The sad thing is is that he never spent time and he is now ruining another persons life

    • Timothy jerge says:

      Anonymous have some balls and put you’re real name on here. I’d love to know who’s life is being ruined??? You people are the ones that clearly need lives. as for the rest of you saybthis shit to my face and don’t hide behind a keyboard. Not one of you know anything about what I went through and not one of you have any right to be saying anything. If you feel the need find me a say it to my face!!

  2. concerned says:

    Something is terribly wrong here…. How can this “man” (and I use this term loosely) be out on BAIL?????????????? He was sentenced but now out on bail? He should sit in jail until his next court date not be out free…
    Olean has major problems with child molesters/sex offenders….. Get these people off of our streets!
    Do something before this one gets off like Ron Scott did!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Everyone has a story and ur only seeing one side of it…… everyone should just worry about what going on in their life not everyone else’s.

    • see en says:

      This was in a public court of law, it is our business, if someone is touching children they broke the law, which isn’t personal. There are three sides to every story, but he was convicted in a public court of law so your point is moot. No one has the right to interfere in a childs sexuality.

  4. Shawn says:

    We are minding our own business, this animal is out there still prowling for another young victim. Our families are at risk which makes it everybodys business. So you who says mind your own business, I say you should let him baby sit your daughter or niece or grand daughter. Think about it

  5. Bada Bing says:

    I think either anonymous is a molester or is related to one.

    Not to alarm anyone but I believe Coudersport has enough pedophiles of its own for one to be concerned without worrying about Olean.

  6. see en says:

    I met a juror in the case who told me of further proof that was suppressed because of technicalities which would have warranted a longer prison sentence after the case was over. He felt terrible knowing that, but that is the way our system works for better or worse. At least in prison he will fell what the poor child felt, but will never pay the full price for what he did. He is a monster, much like Dusk Tocha of Mansfield.

  7. Matthew Gayton says:

    true story. after he was convicted, he appealed. during the appeal process, the chesters’ lawyer got his semen and saliva thrown out as evidence because of a technicality which granted him a new trial. The children were too traumatized to testify and face this monster again so they didn’t testify. that’s how he got off. make no mistake, that he was found guilty based on the evidence during the 1st trial. There was not enough evidence in the second trial because he got his semen, saliva and children’s testimony were thrown out as evidence…he is not innocent of anything. he is a predator walking the streets now looking for your kids next! He is a monster!

    • Anonymous2 says:

      R u kidding me???? First of all Mike Flynn have some Balls and stop making fake names and posting this kind of shit here and on facebook. There wasn’t a single bit of evidence thrown out nor suppressed. Fact is there was no evidence in any of the proceedings first trial, appeal nor the second trial. Reason being that there was no evidence is the fact that nothing ever happened. A new trial was granted because of juror misconduct not because of a technicality. The appeal is public record which means the public can look it up and see the entirety. This person posting under Matthew Gayton is a real winner that has many facebook pages and obviously uses fake names on here also His real name is Mike Flynn and he clearly has no brain to post such nonsense when anyone can look this case up and see the truth. Make all mistake cause this guy was not found guilty based on evidence in the first trial and the child testified in both trials… So with that said Mike if you really enjoy posting your bullshit have at it im sure it does not bother this guy as fact is he is not guilty and never was. If I was this guy I would hunt you down and take care of the issue he has 3 daughters in which he has custody of all 3 that have been through enough and don’t need a low life like you continuing on and posting articles under fake names….

  8. Timothy jerge says:

    Coudy news why don’t you idiots report on the truth instead of just the accusations. Look into what you report on and make sure you report all of it instead of the negative!! Assholes!!

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