Open Arms Church Announces new Series Addressing Issues of Pain

Open Arms Community Church in Bradford Pennsylvania is launching a new series this Sunday addressing issues of pain.

“We all have those experiences in life that are painful and we all ask the questions: ‘Why did this happen to me?’ or ‘Where is God in this?’ or ‘How could God do this to me?’ or ‘How could a loving God let this happen?’ ” explains Pastor Mike McAvoy, “We will be addressing this subject to help people find answers and experience the healing Jesus offers us.”

The Gift of Pain will address the source of pain, which McAvoy says, isn’t always God. “I’m sick of our loving Heavenly Father being turned into a psycho child abuser or schizophrenic that can’t decide whether He loves or hates us.” McAvoy remarks that for too long, the church has tried to comfort people by “giving cop outs for answers to tough questions, and it’s given God a bad name, and turned people away.”

The Gift of Pain starts this weekend, Palm Sunday at Open Arms Community Church at 9:15 or 11:00 AM – and will continue Easter Sunday at the same times.

McAvoy says that he really hopes that addressing these tough issues will give people a chance to start the healing process for many of the hurts they’ve experienced. “Healing comes by facing the issue, dealing with reality, and allowing God to walk you through the healing process dealing with issues His way. No matter what we have been through we don’t have to stay a victim, we don’t have to stay wounded; there is hope and there is healing in Jesus Christ.”

Open Arms is also holding an ipod drawing at the end of the two week sermon series, and attendance for each week will give an opportunity to win. For more information, visit or on Facebook at

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