Oswayo Students Presenting Melodrama ‘Murder at the Malt Shop’ or ‘Hey Daddy-O, We’re in Deadville’


Tickets go on sale Thursday for the Oswayo Valley Middle/High School senior class melodrama “Murder at the Malt Shop” or “Hey Daddy-O, We’re in Deadsville!

This dessert theater production will be presented Friday and Saturday, November 12 and 13, 2010 on the Oswayo Valley Elementary School stage. The new show features 14 members of the senior class in acting roles. There will be three shows and the production includes an all you can eat dessert buffet and beverages with the cost of the ticket.

Playwright and director, Cheri Thomas, states, “This year’s melodrama is completely different from the previous three in that it is set in the fabulous 1950’s instead of at the turn of the century. Also, it’s a murder mystery written in tribute and in the style of Agatha Christie’s long running London play, The Mousetrap. It’s an audience interactive with two of the play characters being drawn from the audience in walk on roles.

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